ASCI Certification Course in Cardiac CT -Joint Symposium Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI) and 14th Cardiac Imaging Teaching Course 2019

19-20 January 2019 Saturday (full day) and Sunday (half day)

Location : Lecture Theatre, National Heart Centre, Singapore


Course Overview

Scientific Program

This teaching course is designed to enhance clinical practice skills by providing training in performing and interpreting cardiac CT and coronary CTA examinations under the supervision of teaching faculty.

The course contents can be documented to form part of ASCI Certification in Proficiency in Cardiac CT.

The course contents are aimed for cardiac CT at Beginner and Intermediate level.

The lecture contents are aimed to prepare the attendee to be awarded an ASCI Certificate in Proficiency in Cardiac CT. There will be a Multiple Choice Question examination at end of course

The course contents and teaching cases workshop can also be documented for the attendee interested in obtaining qualifications in cardiac CT from other international imaging societies

ASCI Certificate of Proficiency in Cardiac CT

Attendees will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency after passing an MCQ exam to be held at the end of the course, after they have fulfilled the other requirements for the Certificate

Requirements to apply for ASCI Certificate in Proficiency in Cardiac CT

Paid up ASCI member-please apply or renew your membership at
Physician e.g. cardiologist, nuclear medicine physician, radiologist
CV to be submitted (to ASCI Secretariat)
Log book of proof of at least 100 cases of cardiac CT performed or observed with workstation analysis.(format of log book is attached) [download here] You can proceed to collect your cases as soon as possible and before or after the certification course is conducted in January 2019. Submit completed log book to ASCI Secretariat office after the MCQ examination. Email:
Log book of completion of master class workshop sessions at ASCI recognised course or meeting. Submit completed log book to ASCI Secretariat office after completion of the course in January 2019.
Passing of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) exam held at ASCI recognised course or meeting ,such as this course in January 2019. Names of candidates passing the exam will be sent by email to you and also posted on the course website 2 weeks after the MCQ examination.
Payment of application fee for ASCI Certificate of Proficiency in cardiac CT to ASCI administration office. This fee is included in your separate registration fee for 20th Jan 2019. If you fail the MCQ examination, you can resit the MCQ test at the next ASCI approved course. No refunds will be made by ASCI for failed applications due to failed MCQ exam

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Cardiac CTTC

Co-Course Directors

Dr. Tan Swee Yaw MBBS,MRCP,FSCCT Heart Centre,Singapore
He is senior consultant cardiologist at National Heart Centre,Singapore and also Adjunct Assistant Professor at Duke NUS School of Medicine Singapore. He trained in Edinburgh, Scotland and at National Heart Centre, Singapore and also did a fellowship in preventive cardiology and cardiac CT at Stanford University and Northern California. He was joint President and organiser of ASCI Congress 2016 held in Singapore. He is an executive committee member of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI) and he has special interest in cardiac CT angiography and Cardiac rehabilitation.
Dr John Hoe MBBS,DMRD,FRCR,FAMS,FSCCTHospital,Singapore
Current positions include Consultant Radiologist, Medi-Rad Associates Ltd, Mt Elizabeth Hospital Singapore; Previous President ( 2013-2015) and Founding Member, Asian Society of Cardiac imaging (ASCI). Has been involved in cardiac CT since 2003 and organiser of annual CT Coronary Angiography Teaching Course previously held in Singapore, Sydney ,Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong and also Congress President of 2nd Congress of ASCI held in April 2008. Main research interest is in Coronary CT angiography and was one of principal investigators in first international multicentre study on 64MSCT( CorE64 )and CorE320 MSCT multicenter trial on CT myocardial perfusion . Also Course Director of Advanced CT Training Course for users of cardiac MSCT, since 2004 , held at the CT Centre, Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. He also holds FSCCT certification.

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Scientific Program

  1. Day One-Saturday January 19,2019
  2. Sunday 20th January 2019
8.00-8.30 am

Principles of cardiac CT

Including CT scanner design, collimation, pitch, spatial and temporal resolution, exposure factors, SNR and CNR
Dr Whal Lee
8.30-.9. 00am

Image reconstruction ( on scanner) and post processing ( on workstation)

Including kernels, intervals or phases, slice thickness and overlap, multisegment reconstruction, iterative reconstruction.Post processing using orthogonal views MPRs,CPRs,MIPs and volume rendering
Dr Whal Lee

How to perform cardiac CT

Patient preparation, ECG gating, contrast delivery principles, scanning protocols ( non vendor specific)
Dr Marcus Chen

How to perform cardiac CT

Recognising artefacts and possible solutions; How to scan in difficult everyday situations, including high or irregular heart rates, arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation, very obese patients
Dr John Hoe

Radiation risks and safety in cardiac CT

Including Risks of medical radiation ,estimating dose and how to reduce dose
Dr Marcus Chen
10.50am -11.20am

HOW TO READ CARDIAC CT -Calcium scoring

How to do it and what it means. Update on clinical use, guidelines and prognostic utility
Dr Tan Swee Yaw


Coronary CTA Anatomy with coronary cath correlation and coronary anomalies
Dr Jung Im Jung


Coronary CTA stenosis detection, quantification, techniques and pitfalls .Includes CTOs
Dr John Hoe

CT of non coronary Cardiac structures

Myocardium, chambers ,valves and pericardium -including common congential lesions and cardiac masses
Dr Whal Lee
12.50pm -2.00pm
1.15pm -1.45pm

Lunch symposium:

Novel methods of assessing functional effect of coronary stenosis by CT-TAG/TAFE/CT-FFR
Dr Shinichiro Fujimoto

Why you need to be qualified and certified for cardiac CT
Dr John Hoe


Using cardiac CT in the workup of patients with stable and acute coronary disease Includes Appropriateness criteria and indications for cardiac CT- How to select appropriate patients for cardiac CT and how to use scan findings
Dr Marcus Chen

Using coronary CTA pre and post revascularization- including coronary stents, bypass grafts-how to scan and report
Dr Yoon Hyeon Kim

Using cardiac CT for Radiofrequency EP procedures ,TAVR -how to scan and what to measure and report
Dr Jung Im Jung
3.50 pm-4.10 pm

Pitfalls in interpretation of coronary CTA studies-how to avoid false negative and false positive studies
Dr John Hoe
4.10pm -4.40 pm

Thoracic CT of non cardiac lesions you should recognise Including aorta, mediastinum and incidental lung nodules
Dr Ng Yuen Li
4.40pm -5.10pm

Coronary plaque imaging -how to use CT to characterize plaque. Includes update on prognostic studies and serial imaging
Dr Shinichiro Fujimoto
5.10pm – 5.45pm
8.00-10.30pm -150 mins

Read with experts-Cardiac CT clinical cases

- Teaching cases to be shown by speakers using workstation with powerpoint slides Total-25 cases
10.30am-10.45 am
10.45am-11.15 am-30 mins

Read with experts-Cardiac CT clinical cases

Teaching cases to be shown by speakers using workstation with powerpoint slides Total 5 cases
12.15pm-1.00 pm

Course Faculty

Speakers and Faculty

Dr Marcus Chen
Dr Marcus ChenNational Institute of Health,Bethesda, USA
Dr. Marcus Chen is a cardiologist and currently Assistant Clinical Investigator and Director of Cardiovascular CT at the National Institutes of Health located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Dr. Chen is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. He earned his MD degree at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and completed training in internal medicine, nuclear medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular CT and MRI. Dr. Chen’s clinical and research interests include radiation reduction, technical development of new imaging methods, pre-procedural planning for structural heart disease, and multimodality non-invasive cardiac imaging. He has co-authored over 85 peer-reviewed papers and has served as an associate editor for the Journal of Cardiovascular CT.
Dr Yun-Hyeon Kim
Dr Yun-Hyeon KimChonnam National University Hospital, South Korea
Dr Yun-Hyeon Kim is currently Chairman and Professor in the Department of Radiology ,Chonnam National University Medical School in Gwangju, Korea He graduated from Chonnam National University Medical School and has been a visiting professor at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina USA. He is also currently chair of Korean Society of Radiology and Chair of Health Policy and Practice Committee , Chair of Special Affairs ,Korean Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , Officer for Quality Assurance , Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging and President elect Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology
Dr Shinichiro Fujimoto
Dr Shinichiro Fujimoto Juntendo University,Japan
Dr Fujimoto is a cardiologist and is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Juntendo Univesity Graduate School of Medicine in Tokyo,Japan .He obtained his ph.D from Toho University Graduate school of Medicine in Tokyo and was a research fellow in Department of Cardiology at University of California in Irvine and previously also Assistant Professor in Tohu University School of Medicine, Tokyo
Dr Whal Lee
Dr Whal Lee Seoul National University, South Korea
He is currently Professor of the Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital and Seoul National University College of Medicine He did his fellowship in cardiovascular Imaging at Seoul National University Hospital and also worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto,Canada. He has been on the teaching faculty staff of Seoul National University College of Medicine since 2004. He is currently actively involved in the Korean Society of Cardiovascular Imaging, ASCI as well as Korean Society of Radiology. He is also currently an editor of Acta Radiologica and Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He was recently awarded the ASCI gold medal in Beijing for his outstanding scientific publication record.
Dr Lynette Teo
Dr Lynette TeoNational University Hospital,Singapore
Dr Lynette Teo is a Senior Consultant radiologist at NCIS and Department of Diagnostic Imaging, NUH. She is also currently Program Director Diagnostic Radiology Residency ACGME-I Program, National University Hospital (NUH) She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom and her postgraduate degree from the Royal College of Radiologists, UK. She subspecialised in cardiothoracic imaging at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Imperial College, United Kingdom. She has a special interest in congenital heart disease imaging. Her research interests include cardiovascular magnetic resonance in congenital heart disease
Dr Jung Im Jung
Dr Jung Im Jung St Mary’s Hospital, South Korea
Dr Jung (MD, PhD, Prof) graduated from The Catholic University of Korea in 1992. Since 2011, she serves as a professor of radiology at the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea. Over the past years, she has continued and expanded her research activities in cardiovascular and thoracic imaging. She is currently the president of the Korean Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (KOSCI), immediate past president of the Korean study group of Cardiac MR (KCMR), Secretary-General of Administration Office of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI), and editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology (JKSR).
Dr Ng Yuen Li
Dr Ng Yuen LiMt Elizabeth Hospital,Singapore
Dr Ng is currently Consultant Radiologist at MediRad Associates Ltd, Department of Radiology , Mt Elizabeth Orchard Hospital and Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore She graduated from University of Nottingham in UK and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. She did her radiology training in Leeds,UK as well as a Fellowship in Thoracic Imaging in Toronto,Canada and is a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists ,UK

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